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  Game Description:
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In "End of the Line", it’s been 15 years since the local tragedy that closed the Chesvern Subway System forever. The case had gone cold years ago and all that remains are rumors and grief. Christopher Moreno, a criminal who grew up on the wrong side of the city, is found hopelessly trapped after a streak of bad luck that landed him in the abandoned tunnels. He begins to learn about what really happened on that fateful day while something sinister learns more about him. There’s a larger force at play than anything Chris could imagine, but what do they want with him?

Is this the end to his troubles… or the start of many more?


In "End of the Line", players are given the task of escaping an abandoned subway system while a mysterious creature hunts them down. Not much is known about it other than it is enraged by lights and indestructible. Players will be able to turn on additional lights, alarms, and interact with the environment to survive and keep the creature at bay. 


As the game continues, more unsettling events may occur that drop the player's sanity. These events may include finding a body, witnessing the creature, or generally being in an unsafe area. As sanity drops, the creature becomes more aggressive. Long gone is the creature that only watches, now it seeks to find and kill you. You must watch helplessly as your beloved protagonist begins hallucinating and going insane, barely able to function. That is the horror of "End of the Line". 

Finally and most importantly, the game will feature multiple endings. Each ending is assigned meaning as more lore is given about the story. Some endings may display a bitter demise while others, a gleam of hope. Every choice you make may lead to one of these endings.  We worked hard to make each of these feel like an 'ending' and not just a sudden stop in the story due to wrong choices.

Game Details

Available on: PC, Mac, Linux, (possible console port)

Contains: Dark themes, violence, reference to alcohol, and mild language

Release Date:    Demo - Mid 2019          Full Game - Late 2019

Developer: Plummet Studios

Teaser Trailer